Raisa Foster

Ph.D. artist / reseacher / educator

Raisa Foster Raisa Foster Raisa Foster Raisa Foster Raisa Foster



I am working as an independent artist at various forms of art, such as performance art, movement-based theatre and video art.



I am currently working as the research director of ”Art-Eco Project (2015-2017) – towards empathetic-ecological humanity” funded by Kone Foundation.



I am teaching my own artistic and pedagogical methods as a visiting lecturer in the fields of arts and education.

I completed my PhD (art-based research) in 2012 at the University of Tampere (School of Education). I also hold a graduate diploma in dance animateuring from the University of Melbourne (School of Dance, VCA) and MA in visual culture from Aalto University (School of Art and Design).

Katiska (2008)
Katiska (2008)
Multi-diciplinary performance for six young men Read more
Ketjureaktio (2012)
Ketjureaktio (2012)
Poetic, physical and visual performance Read more
Rikka (2014)
Rikka (2014)
A site-specific performance combining movement and sound art Read more
Monopeli (2010)
Monopeli (2010)
performance combining physical theatre and visual art Read more
Everyday Meditations (2014)
Everyday Meditations (2014)
Video installation Read more
Made in Between (2013)
Made in Between (2013)
Performance art Read more
Art-Eco Project

Check out my art-based research project about empathetic-ecological humanity.


Learn more about my artistic-pedagogical method.

YouTube Channel

Watch video trailers and documentations of my art works.


Connect with me in Academia.edu and check out my publications.

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