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Everyday Meditations (2014)

Everyday Meditations – video installation

Everyday meditations contains five everyday actions performed in slow speed, but which are presented for an audience through videos in 1000% speed. Can be installed in various locations. Five videos played in loop, duration 6 minutes.

All the videos can be also viewed in YouTube.


The inspiration for my Everyday mediations experiment came from a text fragment that I received from my friend and artist colleague Ville Lampi. The sentence “Give extra attention to spreading butter on the bread” was a starting point for my first video documentation of slow motion action which I performed and recorded 21 January. The first action and the video recording of it led eventually to four more experiments in the following days 22-25 January.

All the actions were performed by me at my home and without an audience. I recorded the actions with my iPhone. I am fully aware that my experiment contains two radically different entities. The live actions were only present and meaningful for me. The video recordings of these actions are published in YouTube and available for anyone to watch. It is also important to notice that the original acts were manipulated by changing the speed of the video to ten times faster than the actual action was. There are countless different possibilities to experience, to interpret and to analyse these acts and their representations.

I have always been interested in investigating pedestrian movements also in my works of performing arts. I like to combine everyday actions to more abstract expressions in my dance/physical theatre works. I am also interested in butoh and meditation practices. I believe that performer’s presence depends on her/his ability to focus on conscious awareness, especially to bodily sensations, instead of psychologizing or rationalizing all actions.