Lupina (2016)

video art


(also called Sleeping with a Stranger)

HD video
3:28 min
Edition 3 (+artist’s copy)

Raisa Foster (director, editor)
Mika Peltomaa (camera)
Olavi Karvonen (performance)

A man dressed in black dances in a lupine field. The slow movements of the man and the gentle sway of the flowers make the atmosphere meditative. In the video played in a continuous loop, lupines first crush under the human body, but then they grow again and embrace the man. The combination of the man’s character, dance and flowers raise questions about the state of humanity and its relationship with the natural environment. The experiences of freedom, anxiety, and guilt are intertwined. The beauty of the lupines is enchanting, but our knowledge of the plant as a harmful foreign species makes us feel uncomfortable to deal with it.

2.-23.12.2016 Break a Brain festival, Koskikeskus, Tampere
27.4.-1.5.2018 Koskipuisto I bus stop, Tampere
18.-21.6.2018 Dark Days, White Nights, Curated exhibition of InSEA 2018, Espoo
30.7.-1.8.2018 Havis Amanda tram stop, Kauppatori, Helsinki

Lupina #artstop on Biteable.