Lupina – video art @Espoo

kesäkuu 18, 2018 – kesäkuu 21, 2018 Koko päivä Europe/Helsinki Aikavyöhyke
Dark Days, White Nights Curated exhibition of InSEA 2018, beta SPACE
Aalto University
Otakaari 1 X
InSEA 2018, Aalto University
Lupina - video art @Espoo @ Dark Days, White Nights Curated exhibition of InSEA 2018, beta SPACE

beta SPACE
Otakaari 1 X, Espoo

Opening hours:
Mon 19.00-21.00
Tue-Wed 08.00-15.30
Thu 08.00-15.00

Vernissage on Monday 18.6.2018 19.00-21.00! Welcome!

Dark Days, White Nights is the InSEA Conference Exhibition, which opens a platform for artistic conference participation and enables and emphasizes the dialogue between academic and artistic practice.

The exhibition title refers to, including but not limited two thematic outlines: The very specific nature conditions in the arctic area, and the culturally changing world.

North of the Arctic Circle, during the summer months sun never sets and during winter it barely rises. This creates living conditions, which define human existence to a great extent. The title can thus be interpreted as a psychological metaphor.

Dark Days, White Nights wants to encourage wider interpretations of the title and invite for critical artistic approaches on the current cultural change caused by the rising of right wing populism in the western world. How do we experience the cultural changes locally and globally? In line with the conference themes the exhibition focuses on contemporary artistic approaches which engage with cultural diversity, post-humanism and eco-justice.

The exhibition is curated by Miia Rinne and Minna Suoniemi. You are warmly welcome to join us in the vernissage of Dark Days, White Nights!

Andrew Ash
Dina Bauman
Raisa Foster
Pavla Gajdosikova
Maria Huhmarniemi
Paul R. Jones
Korinna Korström-Magga
Kaisu Koski
Maria Letslou
Annamari Manninen
Riikka Notkola
Petra Petileta
Masao Sato
Kim Snepvangers
Hana Svobodová
Seija Ulkuniemi
Petra Vargova

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