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Monopeli (2010)

Monopeli – performance combining physical theatre and visual art

Monopeli explores stereotypes through body and movement practice. The work is created in collaboration with a Finnish performance artist and clown Mona Ratalahti, visual artist Tiitu Takalo and lighting designer Jere Mönkkönen. The aim of the work is not only to investigate critically people’s roles but also to attract new audiences to watch dance works and therefore also challenge the viewer to reflect the preconceptions on gender roles that are taken as natural in our society.

Monopeli is at the same time humorous entertainment but also serious with its political goals. It can offer everyone ideological challenges and a safe but powerful forum to address and handle people’s own feelings and thoughts.

The society provides constant feedback to an individual whether his/her being and acting meets the accepted gender criterion. Men, women, girls and boys are expected to act according to their gender. Masculinity and femininity occurs, for example in gestures, clothing styles, speech patterns, and walking, standing and sitting techniques. This is why dance as a physical practice is the ideal way to investigate masculinity and femininity, but also other dualisms typical for Western thought. Body and movement techniques can be used to open up the unconscious layers of the self and reveal the identity construction. The work is intended to examine the gender role stereotypes, the preconceptions of masculinity and femininity, but also the challenges between cultures and generations; how roles are presented in their extremes but also searching the terrain between. The work also asks what constitutes a good life.

Duration 60 minutes

Premier 12.11.2010 Demoteatteri, Tampere, Finland

Raisa Foster
Mona Ratalahti
Tiitu Takalo
Jere Mökkönen